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The Edtech Podcast is delighted to have the support of the following awesome organisations to help achieve its mission.

The Edtech Podcast presents a unique opportunity to support the cultivation of ideas between educators and enablers in a way that’s memorable. Why not contact us to view the content calendar and ask about advertising? The Edtech Podcast reserves the right to refuse advert endorsement or sponsorship.   

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Case studies

Advertising on The Edtech Podcast has been used to help launch Kickstarter campaigns, provide a run up to large trade shows like Bett, or highlight educator surveys. Below are some nice things previous sponsors of The Edtech Podcast have said:

  • “I love the Edtech Podcast and learn something new every time I listen to it. Sophie is such a natural and skilled conversationalist and brings together sharp thinkers and great stories to keep pushing the boundaries and potential of edtech. If you don’t already subscribe, you should!”

    Tom Hall
    LEGO Education International
  • “Sophie Bailey tirelessly works to track and give voice to the changing world of education and technology. Through the expanding world of The EdTech Podcast, Sophie chronicles the people and innovations from every corner of the globe. Partnering with The EdTech Podcast offers a chance to tap into that world and a unique lens on learning.”

    Nathan Martin
    Director of Global Thought Leadership
  • “Every time Sophie and I meet it feels like we only have enough time for about 0.1% of all of the EdTech chat she has available! She has an amazing knowledge of the industry and so many connections and contacts. LearnJam (previously ELTjam) were really proud to be a drinks sponsor for the EdTech Podcast launch party and it was a pleasure working with Sophie on that. Looking forward to working together more, as well as future beers and EdTech chats!”

    Jo Sayers
    Head of Product and Technology at LearnJam
  • Sowing Capital“Sophie’s industry experiences and insights has helped me easily understand the latest development of Edtech industry in UK and Europe. She is committed and warmhearted to her business partners and friends.I strongly recommend you to work or partner with Sophie.”

    David Cai
    SowingX Capital
  • Firefly“Sophie has a critical, insightful perspective on education technology – and is never afraid to ask the difficult questions. With a background at Bett, Sophie’s expertise, and strong network of educators and suppliers enables her to get a really effective overview of the ever changing industry trends and challenges. The Edtech Podcast has become a go-to resource for anyone interested in education technology to hear about recent stories, news or thoughts from industry leaders. All delivered with Sophie’s usual aplomb and reassuring disdain for buzzwords or tech jargon. In addition to Firefly featuring in the podcast, we also invited Sophie to moderate our annual Learning Conference’s panel debate in Nov 2016, with an audience of 400 senior teachers and tech leads.”

    Alex MacMillan
    Content Marketing Manager
    Firefly Learning
  • “It was an absolute pleasure working with Sophie on the Edtech Podcast episode. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion for making a meaningful impact on the world of education technology is inspiring. There is always something new to learn with every episode with a great range of guests and insightful discussions and debates.

    An incredibly talented entrepreneur, I am really looking forward to future collaborations with Sophie!”

    Nihal Salah
    Marketing Director
    Unio by Harness

Media Partners

The Edtech Podcast would be nowhere without its amazing community of friends in education, tech and everything in between. Below are some of our most longstanding partners, and some listener benefits for each. Go and check out the great work they are doing.

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