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Covering schools, higher education and lifelong learning. Our mission is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation and impact

Voctech Podcast
Vocational & adult education, corporate training & the future of work, supported by Ufi Voctech Trust

What Matters in Edtech
All about the things that matter in education, and how and when tech might help, supported by Bett

The Edge

The Edge
This series is all about the leaders in higher education doing things a bit differently, supported by


We believe that ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ speak different languages. The mission of The Edtech Podcast is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’, through storytelling, for better innovation and impact.

Featured podcast guests from around the world…

Shira Liberty

Shira Liberty

CEO, Selina (Future of Work)
Liz Dobree

Liz Dobree

Chief Impact Officer, Ufi Ventures (Future of Work/Investor)
Doreen Kessy

Doreen Kessy

Chief Business Officer, Ubongo (Edtech, Literacy)
David Hore

David Hore

CEO/CTO, Fluence World (AI)
Geoff Barton

Geoff Barton

General Secretary, ASCL
Ed Fidoe

Ed Fidoe

Founder, London Interdisciplinary School (HE)
Anant Agarwal

Anant Agarwal

CEO, edX (Online)
Abdikadir Ismail

Abdikadir Ismail

Principal, Mwangaza Muslim Mixed Day Secondary School (K-12)
Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher

Editor, TechCrunch (Media)
Chris Skidmore

Chris Skidmore

Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation (FE/HE)

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Education leaders, L&D professionals, and teachers
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  • ProfessorRoseLuckin162.162

    ‘I am both a listener and a past interviewee on The Edtech Podcast and I can’t recommend it highly enough: it’s an excellent resource.’

    Professor Rose Luckin
    Professor of Learner Centred Design
    UCL Knowledge Lab
  • DominicNorrish162x162

    ‘Sophie has combined her years of connections with her entrepreneurial spirit to create something the sector has needed for a while – a non-partisan, well-informed, tech- and business-savvy podcast about the Edtech industry and the educational aims it is supposed to serve. Her enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge of the market complement an enquiring outlook, meaning that her interviews on the podcast are always informative and perceptively targeted. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.’

    Dominic Norrish
    Group Director of Technology
    United Learning
  • Nina Iles

    ‘In addition to being an avid supporter of the downright brilliant EdTech Podcast, which has completely over taken my playlist to become my go-to commuting soundtrack, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Sophie Bailey on a number of projects. Sophie asks the questions I’d want to ask and her experience of the sector and the gift she has with building an instant rapport with people shines through in each episode. Listen for yourself – I dare you not to get hooked! There’s not much more to say: Sophie Bailey is the queen of EdTech, the Podcast is blooming brilliant and they both rock.’

    Nina Iles
    Head of EdTech
  • ian hurd

    ‘This podcast is fantastic, covering all the latest cutting-edge thinking from around the world on EdTech. It covers EdTech from many angles and the interviews are always brilliant and insightful, with high-profile practitioners and speakers. The festival is equally amazing – went last September and it was one of the best small festivals I have attended. I really can; speak highly enough of both the podcast and the festival; they are excellent in every way.’

    Ian Hurd
    Senior External Moderator
    University of the Arts, London

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RT @2Uinc Our Co-Founder and CEO @chippaucek spoke with @soph_bailey on the @PodcastEdtech about the share shift happening in online #highered and what constitutes high-quality online education. Listen here:… #NoBackRow