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Educator Workshops

A new festival of shared ideas

200+ listeners and supporters, meeting & learning from one another

Educator workshops

Hands-on CPD, boost your confidence, build your network

What’s on our Educator Workshop programme?

A series of educator workshops will help educators companies refine their practice and boost their confidence and connections in any given area. The sessions will be around 30 minutes long, and will then be followed by 30 minutes of 1:1 networking, covering everything from understanding data, maker-space technologies, oracy, and what does AI mean for me and my students?

AI in the classroom

What does AI mean for me and my students? What basic concepts, career paths, and ethical implications should I be aware of? 


How does oracy factor into 21c skills. Join this workshop lead by students and teachers who factor oracy into everything they do. 

Understanding Data

Learn how to analyse and manipulate data to better understand student progress, teaching technique impacts and more. 

Digital Leadership

Learn why it’s no longer acceptable to say ‘I don’t do tech’ and how to empower your leadership style with a digital edge for the benefit of your students and staff.

Computational Thinking

Understand how to teach computing and coding creatively, taking in the computational concepts which transcend the tech. 

Design Thinking

Learn how to apply design thinking, agile techniques, and learner-centred design to expedite your marking, class prep. and administration processes 

Digital Civics

Ensure your students understand the implications of their digital footprint, as well as online security in this workshop. Ethics, civics, fakenews, and bullying discussed. 

Games Based Learning

Can you incorporate Games Based Learning in the classroom? If so, how is this best done? How does GBL fit with flipped classrooms and assessment? 

Flipped Classroom

What’s next for flipped classroom? Unveiling new best practice which balances personalisation and communication with access. 

Managing your LMS

Are you working with an LMS but feel like you use about 10% of its capabilities? Suffering from lack of proper training and fancy a top-up? 

3D Design & Printing

3D printing techniques to support curriculum learning and spark student interest. How to use a 3D printer and lesson planning ideas. 

Avoiding Device Fetish or Fear

Understand how to get the most of your tablets/devices – when appropriate – without being beholden to them. 

Who is it for?

The Edtech Podcast Festival aims to bring together everyone involved in education innovation. Educators from early years to HE and everything in between, start ups, bluechips, publishers, investors, Government and media. We’ll work hard to mix you up and make your experience as hands on as possible. The ethos of the event is to go home with a head full of ideas, interesting conversations and follow up. After a gruelling week marking lessons or ‘hustling’ as an entrepreneur, we want you to feel loved! Education innovation cannot be achieved by one side alone. In year one, we aim to bring 200 people together. 70% UK and 30% ROW.

Education leaders and teachers
Start ups
Blue chips
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We are looking to work with our existing partners to create a unique and memorable event which accelerates the collaboration between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’. Do you want to connect with our audience on one of the above areas of expertise?  Our 4Q17 focus will be building up the concept of the event and engaging media, content and sponsor partners , with a view to public launch in March 2018. Please contact us for more information about sponsorship, speaking or supporting.