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Edtech Workshops

A new festival of shared ideas

200+ listeners and supporters, meeting & learning from one another

What’s on our Edtech Workshop programme?

A series of edtech workshops will help edtech companies refine their offering and professionalise, (without becoming boring)! The sessions will be around 30 minutes long, and will then be followed by 30 minutes of 1:1 networking, covering everything from legal, funding, recruitment, marketing, UX, efficacy and pedagogy.


Is it really necessary to protect your IP? What are your responsibilities as a data controller? What are the legal implications of expanding your business overseas? What legal structures should you have in place to scale your business and professionalise? All this and more in this friendly session with our go-to legal experts, where no question is too stupid!


Who is funding edtech in London, UK, and the rest of the world? How can you connect with these people? Which investors should you consider, depending on the maturity of your business? What are the pros and cons of domestic vs. international investment from China, USA, Japan and more? What are the ‘exception cases’ that investors will make if you don’t have key criteria in place?

Hiring and Firing

Getting the right team in place: the struggle is real. Learn some hiring hacks to short-circuit your agonising recruitment experiences and cut down on costs, retain your best staff and find the partners who will grow your business. We also encourage edtech attendees to take part in our job pitch sessions where we invite educators, marketers, sales and tech-bods who want to get into edtech to come along.   


You’ve made something truly amazing which will revolutionise education (!), but how do you get it out there? This session will cover everything from the world of social media and content marketing, to which events are worthy of your time and investment, to how to connect with schools and teachers in a collaborative manner from the off.


This workshop will offer a whistle stop tour through some of the most important pedagogical theory, in relation to technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Get to grips with your SAMR vs. TPAC vs. PBL. Vs. GBL to encourage a deeper understanding of these models, plus considerations around inclusion, design, and learner experience. 

School Year

What does the school year look like from a teacher, head-teacher and school business manager point of view? What is a school improvement plan, and when is it written? When and how is budget allocated? When are the pinch-points for teachers, and when is a better time to connect?

University Year

What does the University year look like from a lecturer, IT or Vice-Chancellor point of view? How important are academic rankings vs. student satisfaction surveys or the new TEF scheme?

Data Security

Are you taking data security seriously? What do you need to know about your responsibilities and the implications of working with educational student and/or administrative data? 

Who is it for?

The Edtech Podcast Festival aims to bring together everyone involved in education innovation. Educators from early years to HE and everything in between, start ups, bluechips, publishers, investors, Government and media. We’ll work hard to mix you up and make your experience as hands on as possible. The ethos of the event is to go home with a head full of ideas, interesting conversations and follow up. After a gruelling week marking lessons or ‘hustling’ as an entrepreneur, we want you to feel loved! Education innovation cannot be achieved by one side alone. In year one, we aim to bring 200 people together. 70% UK and 30% ROW.

Education leaders and teachers
Start ups
Blue chips
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We are looking to work with our existing partners to create a unique and memorable event which accelerates the collaboration between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’. Do you want to connect with our audience on one of the above areas of expertise?  Our 4Q17 focus will be building up the concept of the event and engaging media, content and sponsor partners , with a view to public launch in March 2018. Please contact us for more information about sponsorship, speaking or supporting.