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How to commercialise a podcast

Have you launched a podcast, but wondering how to make money from it? That’s exactly why I created this course to focus your efforts and reward your hard work. 

By the end of this self-paced course, you will know how to; 

  • Understand the unique value of your podcast
  • Understand the pros and cons of different revenue models for podcasting 
  • How to create, sell, price and plan audio adverts, series commissions, and spin offs
  • Understand how to focus your efforts so you generate the most reward for your work.


Why me?

Sophie Bailey quit her job and launched The Edtech Podcast on April 29th 2016, traveling around the world to interview over 300 leaders and change makers in education, technology, work-place learning and investment. This course consolidates all of her learnings over the last 5 years after starting the podcast from scratch. The Edtech Podcast has since had series commissions from the likes of Microsoft, Pearson, and Salesforce.Org, as well as launched its own festival, and grown to a peak monthly audience of 40,000+ downloads. Sophie is passionate about embracing new skills, making bold decisions, and audio as a communication and learning medium.

Sophie Bailey

Why this course?

Get to the end of this course confident in different ways to generate value from podcasting, with practical exercises and real-life case studies to hone your thinking.

  • Self-paced course for anytime-anywhere learning, with lifetime access
  • Created and delivered by a commercially successful podcast founder and host
  • Covers all of the essentials of careful podcast value-generation
  • Exclusive access to the free course community group to swap notes and engage in ongoing peer-to-peer learning and support.

Who should take this course? 

  • Anyone interested in how to commercialise an existing podcast, or one they plan to launch.

How much is it?

Self-paced course only: £99

Course details

Each of the four modules come with handouts, exercises and access to the community group to support your learning.

Module 1: Value Creation and Communication

  • Topic 1: Understanding your unique podcast value & ecosystem
  • Topic 2: How to create a sponsorship deck and communicate your podcast vision
  • Topic 3: Identifying potential sponsors and how to connect with them
  • Topic 4: What is a podcast, what is it not and what’s next in podcasting

Module 2: Advertising and Series Commissions

  • Topic 1: How to create, sell, price and plan an audio advert
  • Topic 2: Real-life examples advertising
  • Topic 3: How to create, sell, price and plan series commissions
  • Topic 4: Real-life examples series commissions
  • Topic 5: Creating packages

Module 3: Podcasting SpinOffs – events, books, consultancy

  • Topic 1: Launching an event via your podcasting brand
  • Topic 2: Case Study: The Edtech Podcast Festival
  • Topic 3: Books, consultancy, paid-podcasts and memberships

Module 4: Focusing efforts

  • Topic 1: Applying Pareto’s 80/20 law to podcasting commercial activity
  • Topic 2: Respecting your audience and podcast values when choosing partnerships
  • Topic 3: Reviewing and retaining commercial relationships
  • Topic 4: Go forth and reward your hard work!

Got some questions before you sign up? Contact us here.